Cricket Grounds in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Stadiums

Cricket Grounds in Australia: Australia boasts one of the oldest and most successful cricket teams globally, having won the Cricket World Cup four times. However, in this post, we will not delve into the achievements of the Australian cricket team. Instead, we’ll focus on the cricket stadiums in Australia.

Cricket Grounds In Australia (Top 10)

1. Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG): Established in 1853, the MCG is a colossal cricketing coliseum located in the heart of Melbourne, Victoria. With a staggering capacity of 100,024 spectators, it holds the distinction of hosting the first-ever Test match between Australia and England in 1877. Visit the official MCG website for more details

2. Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG)

Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG): Nestled in Moore Park, New South Wales, the SCG has been a cricketing bastion since its inception in 1848. With a capacity of 48,601, it is famous for hosting the inaugural Test match between Australia and England in 1882. Explore more on the official SCG website.

3. Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval: Situated in North Adelaide, South Australia, the Adelaide Oval, established in 1871, boasts a capacity of 55,300. It witnessed the historic Australia vs. England Test match in 1884. Find out more at the official Adelaide Oval website.

4. The Gabba (Brisbane Cricket Ground)

The Gabba (Brisbane Cricket Ground): Located in Woolloongabba, Queensland, The Gabba opened its gates in 1895 with a capacity of 36,000. It witnessed its first Test match between Australia and South Africa in 1931. For additional information, visit the official Gabba website.

5. Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA Ground)

Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA Ground): Positioned in East Perth, Western Australia, the WACA Ground, established in 1890, has a seating capacity of 20,000. It hosted its inaugural Test match between Australia and England in 1970. Learn more at the official WACA website.

6. Bellerive Oval

Bellerive Oval: Gracing the shores of Bellerive, Tasmania, this ground opened its doors in 1914 with a capacity of 19,500. The first international Test match it hosted was between Australia and Sri Lanka in 1989. Additional information can be found on its Wikipedia page

7. North Tasmania Cricket Association Ground (NTCA Ground)

North Tasmania Cricket Association Ground (NTCA Ground): Situated in Launceston, Tasmania, the NTCA Ground, founded in 1850, accommodates up to 10,000 cricket enthusiasts. Its first international match featured India against New Zealand in 1986. Visit the Wikipedia page for more.

8. Tasmanian Cricket Association Ground (TCA Ground)

Tasmanian Cricket Association Ground (TCA Ground): Located in Launceston, Tasmania, this ground, founded in 1883, has a capacity of 8,000. It hosted its maiden international encounter between the West Indies and Sri Lanka in 1985. Explore further at the official Hobart City website.

9. St Kilda Cricket Ground (Junction Oval)

St Kilda Cricket Ground (Junction Oval): Situated on Lakeside Drive in St Kilda, Victoria, this historic ground was established in 1856 and can hold up to 7,000 spectators. Interestingly, it has not hosted any international matches. Discover more at Cricket Victoria.

10. Devonport Oval

Devonport Oval: Nestled in Devonport, Tasmania, the Devonport Oval opened its doors in 1937 with a capacity of 14,000. While it has not hosted international matches, it remains a cherished local cricketing venue. For local updates, visit the Devonport City Council website.

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Most Asking Questions About Top 10 Cricket Grounds In Australia

What Is The Best Stadium In Australia?

Here is the Top 3 Cricket Stadium In Australia-
Melbourne Cricket Stadium, Sydney Cricket Stadium, Adelaide Oval

Which is the biggest cricket stadium in Australia?

Melbourne Cricket Stadium Is The Biggest cricket Stadium in Australia. MCG One Time People’s Capacity Is 100,024.

What Is Melbourne Cricket Ground Capacity?

1,00,024 At Same Time.

What is Sydney Cricket Ground Capacity?

48,600 At Same Time.

How Many International Cricket Stadiums are in Australia?

04 Stadiums (main) The Gabba, Sydney Cricket Ground, Melbourne Cricket Ground, and Adelaide Oval.
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