The Slowest Innings in Test Cricket: A Patient Battle for Survival

Slowest Innings in Test Cricket: Test cricket, the longest and most traditional format of the sport, possesses its own distinctiveness. Within this format, players must exhibit tremendous patience, where their technique, strokeplay, control, and abilities are rigorously assessed. In this format, at times, batsmen deviate from their natural instincts, prioritizing the team’s well-being.

Today, we will delve into the realm of Slowest Innings in Test Cricket, featuring notable cricketers such as Rahul Dravid, AB de Villiers, Yashpal Sharma, Hanif Mohammad, and Geoff Allott.

Top 5 Slowest Innings in Test Cricket

Rahul Dravid: India’s cricket legend, renowned as “The Wall,” amassed over 10,000 Test and ODI runs during his illustrious 16-year career. In 2007, he delivered an exceptionally slow Test innings against England, scoring a mere 12 runs from 96 deliveries. This painstaking effort played a pivotal role in India’s successful draw in the Oval Test match. Dravid’s Test career statistics include 13,288 runs at an impressive average of 52.31, featuring 36 centuries and 63 half-centuries, along with five double centuries.

rahul dravid slowest innings
Source: India Times

AB de Villiers: Former South African captain AB de Villiers faced 244 balls to score 25 runs during the Delhi Test match against India in 2015. Alongside Hashim Amla, he adopted a cautious approach to salvage the match, but Ravindra Jadeja’s prowess led to their dismissals. Despite their efforts, India emerged victorious by a margin of 337 runs. De Villiers’ Test career spans 114 matches, yielding 8,765 runs at an average of 50.66, including 22 centuries and 46 half-centuries.

Yashpal Sharma: In the 1981 Adelaide Test match, India’s Yashpal Sharma played a remarkable innings, accumulating 13 runs while facing 157 balls. Yashpal Sharma, a crucial part of India’s historic World Cup-winning team, had previously notched a memorable 140-run innings in the Chennai Test match against England. His deliberate approach in the Adelaide Test proved beneficial as India managed to secure a draw. Over his 37-test career, Yashpal Sharma contributed 1,606 runs at an average of 33.45, featuring two centuries and nine half-centuries.

Yashpal Sharma Slowest Test Inning

Hanif Mohammad: Former Pakistani batsman Hanif Mohammad etched his name in history by scoring a mere 20 runs from 223 balls during the 1954 Lord’s Test match against England. This innings played a pivotal role in Pakistan securing a draw. Hanif Mohammad’s most remarkable achievement was his monumental 970-minute innings in the Barbados Test match against West Indies in 1958, where he scored 337 runs. Throughout his 55-test career, Hanif Mohammad amassed 3,915 runs at an average of 43.98.

Geoff Allott: Former left-arm fast bowler Geoff Allott, celebrated for his role in New Zealand’s 1999 World Cup semi-final run, holds a unique Test cricket record. During a tour of South Africa in the same year, in the Auckland Test match, Allott remained at the crease for 77 balls, attempting to save the follow-on. Regrettably, he failed to score and fell to Jacques Kallis.

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