Test Cricket Milestones: India’s Top Five Highest Scores

India’s Top Five Highest Scores: The Indian cricket team boasts an illustrious history in Test matches, marked by several remarkable innings. In this special article, we will delve into the top five highest scores achieved by the Indian team in Test cricket history.

These are India’s Top Five Highest Scores

1. 759/7d Against England (2016)

The pinnacle of Indian Test batting came in 2016 when they amassed a colossal score of 759/7 against England in Chennai. This monumental achievement unfolded over 190.4 overs, with India maintaining an impressive run rate of 3.98.

2. 726/9d Against Sri Lanka (2009)

In 2009, on the Mumbai grounds, India achieved the second-highest Test score in their history with a total of 726/9 against Sri Lanka. The innings spanned 163.3 overs, and India’s run rate was an impressive 4.44.

3. 707 Against Sri Lanka (2010)

The third-highest score in Indian Test cricket history is 707, recorded against Sri Lanka in Colombo in 2010. The Indian team batted for 225.2 overs during this match, maintaining a run rate of 3.13.

4. 705/7d Against Australia (2004)

India’s fourth-highest Test score, 705/7, was registered against Australia in Sydney in 2004. The Indian innings extended over 187.3 overs, with a notable run rate of 3.76.

5. 687/6d Against Bangladesh (2017)

Another significant score of 687/6d was notched by India against Bangladesh in 2017, at the Hyderabad ground. This feat was achieved over 166.0 overs, with India maintaining a commendable run rate of 4.13.

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