Most First-Over Wickets in T20 International Cricket

Most First-Over Wickets in T20 International Cricket: In the world of T20 cricket, it’s often the batsmen who steal the show with their powerful shots, but there are a select few bowlers who manage to make the batsmen uneasy and even dismiss them in the very first over. Here, we present to you the top five bowlers who have achieved the remarkable feat of taking the most wickets in the first over in T20 International cricket.

Most First-Over Wickets in T20 International Cricket(Top 5)

1. Bhuvneshwar Kumar: Leading the pack is Indian fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Having represented India in 68 international T20 matches, Bhuvneshwar has claimed a total of 70 wickets. Impressively, 14 of these wickets came in the opening over.

2. David Willey: Next up is David Willey, a former English bowler. Throughout his T20 career spanning 34 matches, Willey managed to dismiss 40 batsmen. Astonishingly, 13 of these dismissals occurred in the very first over.

3. Angelo Mathews: Taking the third spot on this list is Sri Lankan all-rounder Angelo Mathews. Although renowned for his batting prowess in T20 cricket, Mathews has also demonstrated his bowling skills by capturing 11 wickets in the opening over.

4. Tim Southee: New Zealand’s fast-bowling sensation, Tim Southee, claims the fourth position on our list. Southee, known for his fiery pace, has troubled batsmen worldwide and has taken 9 wickets in the first over in T20 International cricket.

5. Dale Steyn: Former South African pace maestro Dale Steyn rounds off our list at number five. Steyn, a legend in his own right, took 9 wickets in the opening over during his T20 International career.

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