Fastest 13000 runs in ODI: Virat Kohli broke all records

Fastest to 13000 runs in ODIs: On September 11, Virat Kohli achieved a remarkable milestone, becoming the quickest batsman to amass 13,000 runs in One Day Internationals (ODIs). This cricketing veteran surpassed the record held by Sachin Tendulkar in 2004 when Tendulkar achieved this feat against Pakistan in Rawalpindi.

Kohli’s remarkable achievement occurred during India’s Super Four match against Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2023, which took place at the R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. While Sachin accomplished this milestone in his 321st innings, Kohli achieved it in just his 267th innings throughout his ODI career.

Notably, Kohli, hailing from Delhi, also notched up his 47th century in ODIs, placing him merely two centuries away from matching Tendulkar’s century tally in the 50-over format of international cricket. In a defining moment during the 48th over, Kohli expertly played a shot to the off side off Shaheen Shah Afridi, securing his century.

Fastest to 13000 runs in ODIs(Top 3)

1. Virat Kohli – 267 Innings

While Sachin Tendulkar required 321 innings to accomplish this monumental milestone, Virat Kohli blazed his trail, achieving it in just 267 innings, cementing his status as the fastest to scale this cricketing peak. Notably, Ricky Ponting (341 innings) and Kumar Sangakkara (363 innings) both embarked on a journey of over 300 innings, while Sanath Jayasuriya reached the coveted mark after 416 innings.

2. Sachin Tendulkar – 321 Innings

Sachin Tendulkar, the iconic Indian batsman, now occupies the position of the second-fastest cricketer to amass 13,000 ODI runs. This remarkable feat unfolded in his 330th match and 321st ODI innings, solidifying his position as the solitary Indian player to achieve this monumental feat during his time.

3. Ricky Ponting – 341 Innings

Close behind, the distinguished Australian batsman, Ricky Ponting secures the third position on the illustrious list of cricketers who sprinted to 13,000 ODI runs with impressive velocity. As the sole Australian to accomplish this feat, Ponting did so in his 350th match and 341st ODI innings.

Most Runs in ODI

Name Country Innings Runs Average Strike Rate
Sachin Tendulkar India 452 18426 44.8 86.2
Kumar Sangakkara Sri Lanka 380 14234 42.0 78.8
Ricky Ponting Australia 365 13704 42.0 80.4
Sanath Jayasuriya Sri Lanka 433 13430 32.4 91.2
Virat Kohli India 278* 13024 57.5 93.7

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