R Ashwin Recounts Virat Kohli Branding Rohit Sharma as a Bowler’s Captaincy Nightmare in Crucial Moments

Undoubtedly, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma stands as one of the most exceptional batters of this era, having accumulated an impressive tally of over 17,000 runs in international cricket across various formats.

As the much-anticipated ODI World Cup 2023 approaches, Rohit Sharma continues to exhibit his remarkable skills. With three half-centuries in the ongoing Asia Cup 2023, Rohit’s current form becomes a source of great optimism for India, who hope that his stellar performances will persist in the forthcoming marquee event.

Rohit Sharma’s batting prowess is widely acknowledged not only in the global cricketing arena but also within the Indian dressing room. In a recent video shared by veteran all-rounder Ravichandran Ashwin, he recounted an interesting exchange between himself and Virat Kohli. Ashwin revealed that during one of Rohit’s innings, he couldn’t help but wonder where to bowl to the explosive batsman. When Virat Kohli inquired about the biggest threat to a captain, Ashwin immediately named Rohit Sharma without hesitation.

About 5-6 years ago, Virat Kohli and I had a discussion while Rohit was at the crease. I can’t recall the specific match. Watching Rohit’s batting, I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Where can you even bowl to him?'” Ravichandran Ashwin shared in a video on his YouTube channel.

If Rohit gets settled after 15-20 overs, you’re left wondering where to bowl to him. So, Virat asked me, ‘Do you know who captains fear the most in the death overs?’ I inquired, ‘Is it (MS) Dhoni?’ ” he continued.

Kohli responded, ‘No, it’s Rohit. When I asked him why, he said you’ll be clueless about where to deliver the ball. If Rohit Sharma is at the crease by the end of the 16th over in a T20 match, where would you bowl to him? He has every shot in the book, and there was this exceptional knock he played at Chinnaswamy Stadium that Kohli can never forget,” Ashwin concluded.

Without a doubt, the Indian team will heavily rely on the batting prowess of their top-order batsmen to propel them to World Cup glory, a feat they aim to achieve after a 12-year gap. The performances of Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, and Shubman Gill will undoubtedly be pivotal for the host nation.

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Rohan Rajput
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